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At dawn: I get excited to play with my yellow ball, they call a sun, At dusk: I admire the purple and blue shades, painted in the sky,
I hop from one cloud to the other, all day long,

You might see me smiling down at you, from up high!Dream away LITTLE Ones,

Dream about that castle in the sky, The stars are testimony to your imagination, Life’s all about these little joys!

LITTLE Shiro, is over the moon to present the collection “Stars and Dreams”. Inspired by the mesmerising outer space, the stars, clouds, the sun and the moon, this collection is what dreams are made of! Imagine a little boy/girl, sitting at their window with their parent, at night, pointing to the sky. They are expressing what they see, which we grown ups can’t even fathom. They draw it out, for their unimaginative parent to believe. Oh how beautiful is their mind! This is our small attempt at transforming that fantasy into wearable art.