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Here's another collection, but it's extra special. It's the story of Kiki, it's sentimental. My Fido, my Kiki, my cutie-pie! My brother is here, he's by my side. He's graced the heavens, oh too soon. There's that empty space now, in his room. While Richa grieves his sudden demise. She has created this for you, please be kind!

Each design tells a story. It's Fido's life in all it's glory!

Enjoy these, my LITTLE Ones. It's full of creations, about that naughty one!


LITTLE Shiro presents to you, it's first ever casual and party wear collection “Diaries of Kiki”. Fido, a.k.a Kiki, our founder's another pet dog, was loved very dearly. When he bid his final goodbye, it left our hearts empty and made us cry. We poured that sorrow into what we do best, and created a yet another collection, as an ode to our love. It's a storybook of everything that he liked and shows all that he was. We have translated all the memories and love for our Kiki and put it into this one. There's magic, hope, sunshine and rainbows in each design, just like his personality. These outfits are meant for fun, for creating memories and for keeping our beloved Kiki alive, through your smiles!